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Learn how blood centers and blood transfusion service providers can reduce costs and increase efficiency by modernizing their donor identification (DIN) labeling systems. Richard Kriozere, co-founder and CEO at Digi-Trax Corporation, along with Michelle Jorgensen and Mediware product specialists, will discuss the benefits of switching to an on-demand printing process designed specifically for the healthcare field.

Diminish waste, reduce costs

At the end of each year, most blood centers face a perennial problem derived from their inflexible, batch-driven labeling systems—unused DIN labels that have to be discarded. Instead of this wasteful and costly scenario, Kriozere will explain how a DIN system, when integrated with Mediware’s existing 510(k) Blood Establishment Computer System (BECS), can offer print-to-need compliance labeling capabilities. With these systems, users can print DIN labels on demand, in as-needed formats and quantities, and bring an end to labeling waste.

You will learn:

  • Understand how technology integrations can improve on-demand printing processes
  • Recognize ways to significantly reduce costs associated with DIN labeling
  • Learn about planned labeling innovations that will be available from Digi-Trax and Mediware

Speaker Bios

Richard Kriozere

Richard Kriozere, founder of Digi-Trax, began his career as a regional sales manager at Avery/Dennison, a leader in adhesive technologies. He also served as vice president at TimeMed Labeling Systems. In 1987, he incorporated Digi-Trax with a primary focus on blood labeling products and supplies. Kriozere is a member of the International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation (ICCBBA), the AABB, and other professional organizations.


Michelle Jorgensen

Michelle Jorgensen has 18 years of experience in healthcare, 13 of which have been in labeling products and services within the blood market. She began her career at TimeMed Labeling Systems as a senior product manager, serving hospital blood bank, anesthesia, and materials management departments. Currently, Jorgensen is the vice president of marketing for Digi-Trax.

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