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Recorded Webinar: Cerus Pathogen Reduction Update – Optimizing Production to Maximize INTERCEPT Compatibility

Recorded on Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Watch the recorded webinar to hear Meredith Lummer, deployment manager at Cerus, provide updates about managing the pathogen reduction process using Cerus’s INTERCEPT® Blood System.

Webinar Summary

During this webinar, Meredith Lummer, deployment manager at Cerus, provides an overview of the pathogen reduction process and describe the requirements for tracking the steps and managing the overall process using INTERCEPT pathogen reduction. She also discusses the numerous methods that may be implemented to increase eligibility of pathogen reduction beyond that of the products that natively meet specifications. These methods include splitting collections, adjusting product volume previous to treatment, and optimizing collection targets. Methods and procedures should be implemented to track and manage these processes.

You Will Learn:

  • The basics of INTERCEPT pathogen reduction
  • The stages of the pathogen reduction process that should have a method for tracking and management
  • Methods for optimizing capacity, including volume adjustment, splitting, and collection setting
  • Important steps to capture and track during the optimization processes

Meredith Lummer presents an updated overview about using Cerus INTERCEPT system to manage pathogen reduction process.

Mediware’s LifeTrak® software provides process control systems for the testing and manufacturing of blood products, is web-enabled and highly scalable to support facilities of all sizes. LifeTrak is the only module in the blood establishment computer software (BECS) market that provides blood centers with the ability to capture data related to the use of pathogen reduction (PR) technology. The PR addition to LifeTrak was independently developed in consultation with Cerus Corporation. PR processes are compatible with the INTERCEPT system and can monitor, upload, and check relevant INTERCEPT PR data to aid in data capture and product conformance as a result of the manufacturing controls available in LifeTrak.

Speaker Bio


Meredith Lummer is a deployment manager with Cerus Corporation and is responsible for the implementation of the INTERCEPT Blood System in the Western region of the United States. She has been with Cerus Corporation for 11 months. Prior to this role, Meredith managed the Components Manufacturing Laboratory at Community Blood Services in Montvale, New Jersey.

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