Success Stories: Shands UF dramatically reduced their delivery times and freed up staff hours

The Measurable Impact of Mediware

“Mediware’s technology solved our problems and allowed us to store and crossmatch blood in two places at once.”
Monique Huggins, Technical Specialist

Since the implementation of BloodSafe and HCLL Transfusion, Shands Hospital at the University of Florida has been able to:

  • Further reduce delivery time
  • Reduce the C/T ratio to a target of 1.25
  • Reduce labor associated with unnecessary crossmatch, transport and return of unused blood
  • Reduce blood waste (2011 target set at zero)

Pinpoint Organizational Needs in Advance

Shands Hospital at the University of Florida (Shands UF) made a masterful transition in the midst of its 2009 expansion,using Mediware technologies and process improvements to increase efficiency and maintain its distribution goals without adding staff or sacrificing safety.

During the expansion, the hospital relocated and separated the blood bank from more than half of its high-volume departments by a 15-minute tunnel walk. Workloads nearly doubled; unfortunately, so did delivery times. Shands UF turned to Mediware for help:

  • Mediware and Shands UF immediately upgraded the blood bank’s transfusion management software to HCLL Transfusion. HCLL reduced the potential for transfusion errors, maximized operational efficiency and productivity, and allowed Shands UF to manage its entire blood supply across multiple storage locations and facilities.
  • The blood bank installed Mediware’s secure, remote storage refrigerator system — BloodSafe HemoSafe to create a remote blood dispensing refrigerator fully integrated with HCLL. The BloodSafe unit serves as a virtual blood bank by electronically crossmatching and remotely dispensing blood products.
  • Shands UF also added BloodSafe kiosks. Small emergency release remote refrigerators were placed in the STAT Lab, trauma and OR areas to enable the hospital’s Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP) and provide surgical and critical care teams immediate access to Type O blood.

“We are far from the majority of our patients, and without Mediware’s solutions our turnaround time would be unacceptable. The technology allows us to operate remotely-providing speed, efficiency and safety with every order processed through the STAT Lab.”
-Tisha Irwin, MD, Medical Director


Using BloodSafe remote storage solutions and HCLL Transfusion, Shands UF efficiently managed its $10.5-million-per-year blood budget. Shands has restored delivery times to 15 minutes or less, increased efficiency and standardized the distribution of blood across all departments by using Mediware’s blood management solutions without losing focus on safety or adding staff.

About Shands UF

Located in Gainesville, Fla., Shands UF is a private, not-forprofit, 850-bed hospital employing more than 500 physicians representing 110 medical specialties. In 2009, the hospital, which serves as the primary teaching facility for the UF College of Medicine, built a 500,000-square-foot South Tower to complement the existing medical center. Under the plan, the Shands UF blood bank was relocated to the new $388-million tower along with the hospital’s emergency department and trauma center. On Nov. 1, 2009, the same day the new tower opened, the health system closed a nearby 367-bed facility — Shands Alachua General Hospital — and transferred its patient load and blood bank volume to Shands UF.