Success Stories: OHSU dramatically reduced their blood waste and improved their C/T ratio

The Measurable Impact of Mediware

“There’s been no wastage since the BloodSafe went into the OR — zero. Our anesthesiologists are no longer wasting time loading refrigerators or waiting on blood…they’re doing the work they went to medical school to do.”
Mick Scanlan, MD, Medical Director of Transfusion Medicine

Since the implementation of BloodSafe, Oregon Health & Science University has been able to:

  • Expedite deliveries by 95% with a 1 minute delivery time from BloodSafe remote storage
  • Reduce waste to zero
  • Improve their CT ratio to 1.45
  • Earn a 5 month ROI on their purchase

Cutting Transport Times and Reducing Waste

Efficiency soared when the blood bank management team added remote blood management technologies from Mediware. These solutions eliminated logistical impediments in OHSU’s already lean and well-organized blood bank. High-volume departments received electronically crossmatched blood in 60 seconds or less. Waste dropped to zero within weeks of implementing remote refrigeration solutions.

  • Mediware and OHSU upgraded the blood bank’s transfusion management software — HCLL™ Transfusion — to HCLL 4.1 in January 2010. HCLL reduces the potential for transfusion errors, maximizes the efficiency and productivity of the transfusion process, and enables OHSU to better manage its entire blood supply across multiple storage locations and facilities.
  • In June, OHSU installed Mediware’s automated, remote refrigerator system — BloodSafe HemoSafe — in the hospital’s OR to create a remote dispensing station. The BloodSafe unit which is fully integrated with HCLL Transfusion, serves as a virtual blood bank by electronically crossmatching and remotely dispensing blood products in less than 60 seconds.
  • OHSU also added the BloodSafe HemoNine — Mediware’s nine drawer refrigerator — in the trauma area. As part of the hospital’s Massive Transfusion Protocol, the kiosk-controlled unit provides surgical and critical care staff immediate access to a drawer of Type O blood.

Using Mediware’s remote refrigeration solutions, it took OHSU Hospital only six weeks to cut its transport time for electronically crossmatched blood to 60 seconds and reduce blood waste by 50 percent.

Before we went live with BloodSafe, our C/T ratio in surgery was over 3,” Miller said. “After just 25 days, our C/T ratio is down to 1.45. That’s pretty amazing.”
Beth Miller, Manager of Transfusion Services & Hemostasis and Thrombosis Lab


With Mediware’s technology and support, OHSU’s blood bank reduced its crossmatch-to-transfusion (C/T) ratio, and trained approximately 200 staff members to use the new refrigerators as a ‘self service’ blood bank. The hospital also cut delivery time of electronic crossmatched blood from 20 minutes to 60 seconds, improved efficiency and patient safety, and completely eliminated its blood waste by using Mediware’s on demand tools.

  • 95% improvement in deliveries-now 1 minute
  • Reduced waste to zero
  • Improvement in CT Ratio-now 1.45
  • 5 month ROI

About OHSU

Located atop Marquam Hill in Portland, Ore., OHSU is one of only two Level 1 Trauma Centers in the state. As the only health and research university in the region, OHSU treats patients from Oregon, southwest Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and northern California. The OHSU blood bank serves a 560-bed medical facility, which includes two hospitals and an outpatient center: OHSU Hospital , OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and the Center for Health & Healing (CHH). The OHSU blood bank operates 24/7 and supports 28 operating rooms (ORs), surgical and cardiac Intensive Care Units (ICUs), oncology, a cardiac catheterization lab, plus OHSU’s emergency department and trauma center.