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Tele-recruitment Director: Enhance calling productivity in your blood center

As a busy Tele-recruitment Director for your blood center, your daily schedule can be crazy. From managing your team, to daily tasks and meetings, we know you have a lot going on. See how you can build better relationships with calls that show you care. RecruitTrak™ Call helps you turn repetitious telerecruiting calls into meaningful, one-to-one conversations that drive donations.

Equip your telerecruiting team to work and speak effectively

RecruitTrak Call frees your telerecruiting team to concentrate on the person at the other end of the line. All the key information they need is at their fingertips.

  • Integrates with your auto-dialer to make more calls per hour
  • Simplify manual calling processes to be more efficient
  • Instantly answer questions about donation history, rewards, or locations
  • Conduct surveys in far less time – so you gain more complete data (for even greater survey capability, add RecruitTrak Quality)
  • Build caller confidence with highly targeted call lists that lead to personalized conversations
  • Schedule donors quickly and error-free

Contact the right donors for more meaningful outcomes

You can use the simple, intuitive interface to create highly targeted lists on-the-fly to meet your specific collection goals.

  • Add donors to multiple lists and assign priorities based on shortages, campaign goals or other circumstances
  • Export names for follow-up by more cost-effective methods – like mail, email or text messaging
  • Create detailed reports on dials, contacts, completes, recruitment, scheduling and more
  • Set up mini surveys as part of the call to improve your services
  • Schedule time-sensitive lists to be removed from campaigns automatically
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