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Operations Teams: Gain greater visibility of your blood center

Running a blood center is no small task and your operations team is already stretched very thin and wearing many hats. See how your operations team can use LifeTrak® to aggregate all your key donor information in one place to save valuable time and headaches. You can configure every aspect of the system to meet your specific needs. You can see a donor’s profile, test results, eligibility status in one view without clicking through multiple screens.

Manage your donor information with greater clarity

  • Impress donors with a cutting-edge registration process: Forget about needles — check-in is often the most painful part of the donation process! LifeTrak makes a visit quick and easy for every donor.
  • Reduce errors in eligibility: LifeTrak is the only system that does not store donor eligibility — it is uniquely calculated on every look-up. This ensures you are always current with your latest eligibility standards.
  • Identify and Search for Rare Donors: You can identify and search for donors and products to find the best HLA and RBC matches, generate rare donor call lists and identify products in-processing and inventory
  • Streamline Communications: You can auto-generate letters that standardize important communications to donors to communication positive test results, donation status as well as thank-you letters and follow-ups.

Speed manufacturing without sacrificing safety

LifeTrak automates every step of manufacturing, testing and labeling – so you can effectively meet your customers’ demand for blood products.

  • “One-Step” verification helps you get product out the door faster: The 100% product-to-bag reconciliation ensures all components have been accounted for so you can be sure to meet cGMP and other regulatory compliance mandates.
  • Finish lab work in less time by integrating with popular test instruments: Now you can support testing in-house, third party and high-volume donor testing services. You can automatically receive data from your test instruments or upload results from other external sources to speed testing and verification.
  • Gain efficiency in your high-volume donor testing services: Support flexibility and testing control for your high-volume donor testing services by testing and managing multiple clients to meet each of their specific needs.
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