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Impact of Donor Management Software on Medical Directors

As a busy Medical Director for your blood center, your daily schedule can be crazy. From managing your team, to daily tasks and meetings, we know you have a lot going on. Let LifeTrak® save you a few headaches by managing some key blood center operations that keep you up at night. Save time and reduce error with a 510 (k) cleared solution to meet all of your blood center needs.

Reduce errors in eligibility

LifeTrak is the only system that does not store donor eligibility — it is uniquely calculated on every look-up. This ensures you are always current with your latest eligibility standards.

  • Confirm eligibility in real time for multiple procedures
  • Manage deferrals with ease or auto-defer donors based on interview responses
  • Record physical findings for future reference
  • Track multiple deferral levels: “Surveillance,” “Temporary” and “Indefinite”
  • Capture bleed data, equipment, venipuncture codes, donor reactions and more
  • Identify rare donor types such as HLA/RBC capability

Streamline Communication to Donors

Communicate with your donors and keep them up to date on important status information. You can auto-generate letters that standardize important communications to donors such as:

  • A positive test result after donating blood
  • Inability to donate based on any deferral type
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