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Medical Director: Enhance safety and efficiency in your blood bank

As a busy Medical Director, your daily schedule can be crazy. From managing your team, to daily tasks and meetings, we know you have a lot going on. Discover a solution for your hospital that will give you fast, error-free blood delivery. HCLL™ is rigorously reviewed on a regular basis to maintain a current FDA 510(k) clearance so you can have confidence in keeping ahead of regulatory changes and modern healthcare standards.

Safeguard your patients

HCLL includes more than 60 unique safety checks to validate information as it’s entered.

  • View color-coded flags that signal information which should be reviewed
  • Receive notifications when information is incorrect
  • Required fields are noted by asterisk, if information is missing, the system will not let you proceed without filling in the missing information
  • Help prevent transfusing the wrong product with product safety checks
  • Automated product and patient safety checks stop users from moving to the next screen until risk is resolved

Test and deliver your blood products faster

Save time with automations and technology that help you deliver blood products quickly.

  • Streamlined entry allows users to complete several tasks without extra navigation — manage antibodies, antigens and patient instructions using only one form
  • Electronic crossmatch saves you time and improves overall blood supply management
  • Quickly access inventory levels and expiration dates to ensure you have enough supply to meet the expected demand
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