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Hospital Services: Build better relationships with your hospitals

Creating relationships between your blood center and hospital can be a challenge. Having to rely on outdated technology such as fax machines will only slow your team down. See how your hospital services team can enhance relationships with your hospitals through online blood ordering. OrderTrak™ is an easy-to-use web-based portal that enhances the unique partnership between your blood center and the hospitals you serve. Your clients can report inventory, place orders, track delivery status and view order history — simply by visiting your branded website.

Connect supply and demand

Your hospitals can order the blood products they need — simply by visiting your branded website. You eliminate the hassle of phone and fax orders, reduce paperwork and improve staff productivity.

  • Eliminates human error with online order entry
  • Logs a permanent record of the order that provides detailed tracking
  • Lowers your costs by reducing waste and required inventory levels
  • Ties recruiting and collection efforts more closely with incoming orders
  • Integrates with LifeTrak® or your current BECS to update order details real-time
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