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Donor Services Team: Improve your blood center recruiting results

Your Donor Services team is constantly trying to provide a better experience for donors and coordinators. Help your team improve results by providing software that allows them to react quickly to their feedback. RecruitTrak™ Quality gives you an inside look at your operation from the people who know it best – your donors and coordinators.

Improve the blood-giving experience for all your donors

You can provide your donors with easy-to-complete online surveys that deliver immediate insights into what works and what doesn’t in your center.

  • Gauge donor satisfaction and track your progress over time
  • Develop stronger donor relations by listening and responding quickly
  • Segment your surveys to ask to right questions to the right donors

Enhance the drive planning experience for your coordinators

Give your coordinators a voice by providing post drive surveys.

  • Gain ideas to boost productivity and results to increase drive frequency
  • Identify and reward outstanding employee performance
  • Evaluate the specific staff members that helped make your blood drive a success
  • Address concerns swiftly before they get out of hand

Use survey data to drive more appropriate staff training

  • Present data to staff members at the blood center as to how they are doing
  • Reward staff members through a reward program
  • Instantly answer questions about donation history, rewards, or locations
  • RecruitTrak Quality provides roll up data to management team to make operations decisions
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