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Blood Bank/Lab Manager: Simplify your transfusion processes

As a Blood Bank or Lab manager, we know you have a very busy schedule. From dealing with testing and tracking products to managing people, we understand its difficult to get everything done during work hours. With HCLL™ Transfusion you get incredibly powerful capabilities you and your staff will actually use. This sleek, browser-based system is remarkably simple and intuitive — no more multiple clicks and deep dives to find what you need. And all it takes is an internet connection to centralize your entire blood bank operation — even from authorized remote locations.

Switch to blood management that’s quick to learn, easy to use

With Context-sensitive views, you can take the guesswork out of patient management. Simply highlight a patient, and on-screen data will transform in each pane so you can view and take action on anything related to an individual patient.

  • View orders
  • Check blood availability
  • Verify transfusion history
  • Log specimens
  • Update patient information
  • Quickly access the data to triage phone calls, dispatch electronic orders, gather new specimens

See everything as it’s happening with eye-popping dashboards

Get your key facts with unmatched clarity quickly from your dashboards.

  • The home page gives you access to all the core features in multiple modules in one view
  • All inventory related functions can be accessed directly from the inventory dashboard for a quick look at your data
  • Each patient-related module pane will provide you with patient-centric data so that you are always viewing information pertinent to your patient without having to refresh or enter patient IDs

Monitor performance more efficiently

Get a better handle on your utilization, inventory management and patient history reporting with HCLL’s advanced reporting capabilities.

  • Review your current utilization or trending over time to ensure you meet your goals
  • Build your own custom reports to gain insight into your operations
  • Break down reports by module, workflow and facility
  • View reports in a collapsible listing to manipulate the data to meet your needs.
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