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Maestro: Data Integration for Blood Banks


Orchestrate your blood bank’s product inventory, testing, and transfusion performance with a sophisticated interface solution.

Across most medical facilities, a discordant array of technology systems and devices send and receive a symphony of data that must be harmonized into reliable and readily accessible information. The masterful orchestration of this critical data reduces errors, increases productivity and enhances patient care.

Introducing Maestro—the system that carefully directs the sharing of blood bank data throughout any size medical facility, so your EMR, LIS, and blood bank are all perfectly in tune.

Data Accessibility

Whether in small health centers or large, multi-facility organizations, Maestro shares all the data you need, including blood product information, specimen information, physician orders, test results, and billing and charges. Maestro makes the information accessible at any level and:

  • Enhances software and peripheral device capabilities, such as lab instruments and bedside scanning
    for transfusion management
  • Improves efficiencies for lab and transfusion personnel as well as medical directors, safety officers and blood bank managers
  • Supports financial systems and facility applications for monitoring ongoing programs, such as clinical trials and blood management plans

Seamless Integration

With its sophisticated interface capabilities, Maestro will automatically transfer data to your EMR, LIS, instruments and other systems. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your blood bank management applications—HCLL Transfusion, LifeTrak® and KnowledgeTrak.

Maestro supports integration for:

  • Electronic medical records
  • Laboratory information systems
  • Bedside product administration
  • Secured remote blood storage
  • Instrument interfaces
  • Donor centers
  • Finance
  • Admissions

Bi-directional Messaging

Maestro offers a full chorus of bi-directional interfaces that facilitate both inbound and outbound communication between multiple systems using a standard HL7 format.

Inbound messaging includes:

  • Patient registration and admission data
  • Physician information
  • Orders for patient tests, blood products and derivatives from your EMR or LIS systems
  • Specimen information
  • Transfusion event documentation

Outbound messaging includes:

  • Specimen status with updates and expiration details
  • Product status with updates
  • Test results such as ABORh/antibody screen, antigen typing, ABID/titer and cross-match
  • User-configurable billing charges

Comprehensive Instrument Interfaces

Interfacing with your ensemble of blood bank instruments is Maestro’s forte. With its bi-directional capabilities, Maestro quickly and reliably conducts critical data to your integrated systems, so caregivers never miss a beat.

Supported instruments include:

  • Bio-Rad TANGO and IH-Com Series (IH-1000, IH-500 and uni-directional with the IH-Reader 24)
  • Immucor Echo® and Neo® , both direct and via ImmuLINK
  • ORTHO ProVue® and Vision®
  • Grifols Gel-8 Series (Erytra®, Wadiana® and uni-directional with DG Reader)
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