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LifeTrak: Maximize safety & streamline operations

LifeTrak® from Mediware automates and streamlines blood center operations. This single, easy-to-use, Web-based system includes three modules:
  • LifeTrak Donor for managing donor records
  • LifeTrak Lab for testing and manufacturing products
  • LifeTrak Distribution for managing inventory

With LifeTrak, you can efficiently manage donor information, eligibility, product testing, manufacturing and distribution allowing staff to streamline processes to maximize production and safety.
Unlike other solutions available today, LifeTrak is scalable and enables you to support blood center operations on a local, regional or global level. LifeTrak also includes multiple time zone and multi-facility capabilities to support enterprise level blood center needs where critical data is shared across multiple facilities with users seeing and processing data at local time.

LifeTrak Donor

Simplify donor management

At the core of LifeTrak is a powerful donor management module that aggregates all key donor information into one place. This gives you access to a donor’s profile, test results, eligibility status and product history in one view without clicking through multiple screens.

  • Reduce redundancy
  • Calculate eligibility
  • Manage deferrals
  • Streamline communications

LifeTrak Lab

Efficiently manufacture, test and label products

Whether it’s a small lab or a high-volume center, LifeTrak Lab enables you to keep pace with customers’ demand for blood products.

  • Support the complete product manufacturing with confidence
  • Verify and label products in one step
  • Multiple testing clients

LifeTrak Distribution

Streamline inventory management

LifeTrak Distribution allows only accurately labeled products into inventory, minimizing the risk for shipping outdated or inaccurate products.

  • Control distribution processes
  • Inventory and safety alerts
  • Accelerate billing
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