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KnowledgeTrak is now WellSky Quality & Compliance

A daily dilemma that blood organizations face is keeping employees current with standard operating procedures (SOPs), safety requirements and job-specific training and competencies. With potentially hundreds of employees and thousands of SOPs — about 20 percent of which are revised each year — it’s no wonder many of these organizations struggle to maintain compliance in these ever-changing, highly regulated environments. WellSky Quality & Compliance (formerly KnowledgeTrak) offers best-of-breed learning management and document management solutions.

Unparalleled Document Management

The Document Content Management module provides complete change management and version control of all source documents. Check-out/Check-in change tracking, along with automated publishing and online review and approval, streamline the document change management process. Once the edits are made, a single button click publishes the document to PDF, assembles all related forms and initiates the routing. All comments and approvals are shared almost instantly and captured in the change history record. User-defined workflows easily accommodate virtually any routing requirements. Periodic reviews are also managed to ensure regulatory compliance in the most efficient way possible. Reviewers and approvers, as well as document staff, will find all that is required of them in an organized and prioritized task queue.

Simplified Compliance and Learning Management

KnowledgeTrak Learning Management System (LMS) module manages the assignment of training, documents, competencies and other requirements individually, by group and by profile. It simplifies task-based training by allowing you to group any collection of requirements into bundles and then assign at that level. Wizards guide item versioning and deployment with a few simple clicks. Once requirements have been assigned, KnowledgeTrak takes over, automatically alerting employees and their supervisors of upcoming requirements and automatically rescheduling recurring items to ensure they stay current. For users, completing assignments is as easy as logging in and clicking the item title. For managers and trainers, tracking and escalation is automated. In addition, the system supports hybrid workflows utilizing electronic and paper forms.

Improve Quality & Efficiency

The easy-to-use, Web-based platform from Mediware was designed specifically with blood centers, cellular therapy facilities as well as hospital labs and blood banks in mind. It supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and organizes content into online binders for familiar but faster searching and access to SOPs. Online competencies, automated item deployment and automated management of staff changes can streamline the compliance process and reduce cost as much as 30%. With this robust system, keeping employees current with job requirements and regulatory updates is easier, more thorough and efficient.

Save Time, Money & Resources

KnowledgeTrak also integrates with our Transtem™ cellular therapy, LifeTrak® blood collection, and HCLL™ Transfusion management systems. There’s no need for donor or transfusion staff to learn a new application or jump from system to system to stay current or complete training. Also, the compliance interlock capability keeps employees from performing activities if they are not qualified and compliant. This built-in safeguard helps boost your organization’s compliance and reduces risk.

With KnowledgeTrak from Mediware you can:

  • Say goodbye to manual systems
  • Manage your document change and approval process
  • Distribute, train and record materials electronically
  • Save time and simplify management by ‘Bundling’ requirements
  • Get the right job requirements to the right people
  • Manage any type of training
  • Run thousands of courses from hundreds of vendors
  • Make scheduling more efficient
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