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HCLL is now WellSky Transfusion

See how efficiency and automation go hand-in-hand with the latest solution from the people who pioneered blood bank management. WellSky Transfusion (formerly HCLL) features a contemporary look, intuitive functionality and easier navigation, for a much better user experience. Give your clinical specialists and administrative staffers the tools and bandwidth they need to work more efficiently and safely.

Sophisticated, efficient and flexible

Find information faster, say good-bye to the old spreadsheet-like screens and take advantage of HCLL’s robust, real-time reporting. The sleek new design includes intuitive dashboards, built-in compliance features and real-time updates for each of its five modules. Manage specimens, orders, blood products, derivatives, routine and electronic cross-matching and anything else that’s necessary to your blood management operation. You can also manage multiple hospitals or multiple sites, all from one central location. Plus, HCLL Transfusion gives you the complete traceability you need to track every movement and status including final disposition.

Integrated solutions

HCLL Transfusion 510(k) cleared integration is proven to speed turnaround time, reduce costs and eliminate waste. HCLL also integrates seamlessly with Mediware’s KnowledgeTrak™ and InSight Performance Management™ solutions. These optional add-ons focus on improving productivity and enable you to better manage your blood bank staff, processes and products.

Safeguard your patient

HCLL includes more than 60 unique safety checks to validate information as it’s entered. For instance, color-coded alerts signaling missing information or product and patient safety issues will prevent users from moving to the next screen. HCLL is regularly and rigorously reviewed to maintain a current FDA 510(k) clearance so you can have confidence in keeping ahead of regulatory changes and modern healthcare standards.

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