HCLL Analytics: A Smarter Way to Work

HCLL Analytics is an innovative, intelligence-driven performance management tool to extend the power of HCLL. It provides that single source of truth that can quickly turn your vision of data transparency and evidence-based decision-making into reality.

Whether you’re looking to keep a closer eye on inventory levels, turn-around times and expiration dates, track specific data by location or physician or zero in on any other key metrics, HCLL Analytics can help. You’ll gain access to a library of key performance indicators already developed for blood bank operations.

Innovative analytics for improved business performance

With HCLL Analytics, all you have to do is log in, and you have immediate access to all of the critical information you need to keep your blood bank operations running smoothly and efficiently. Because HCLL Analytics ties directly into HCLL, you can review up-to-the-minute data from systems across your entire organization, all conveniently gathered, analyzed and displayed all in one place, any time you want.

Key performance indicators let you know, at-a-glance, exactly how you’re doing against targets and thresholds. Green, yellow and red indicators, along with a host of graphic display options make it easy to use and easy to understand. Plus, with just a few clicks, you can drill down on certain areas to pinpoint problems or identify trends so you can adjust quickly and accurately.

HCLL Analytics personalization features give you the freedom you need to organize the information you see and how you see it. Create custom views tailored to meet the needs of multiple users or multiple sites. So everyone in your organization, from the executive suite to the frontline, has access to the information they need to make better, smarter decisions.

Plus, when you need custom development, our business intelligence consultants work one-on-one with you to create meaningful, actionable metrics.

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