To help your hospital understand the importance of blood management, download this handout and poster: “The Bloody Truth: 10 Facts About Blood Transfusions.”

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Patient Blood Management Saves Lives, Blood, and Money

The ultimate goal of patient blood management (PBM) is to reduce patient harm from overexposure to blood products. Blood transfusion is the most common procedure patients receive while in the hospital. Although blood transfusion therapy can be life-saving, careful consideration must be given to the associated dangers. The more transfusions patients receive, the greater the risk of complications including hospital-acquired anemia, infection, organ damage and even death. Over the past 15 years, many clinical studies have determined that the risks often outweigh the benefits.

Effective blood management programs ensure each and every transfusion is necessary, appropriate, safe and the most efficient use of the many resources involved in the complex process of blood component therapy. These resources extend well beyond blood products to include nursing time, technologist time, medical supplies, medical devices, laboratory tests, pharmaceuticals, hospital beds and healthcare dollars.

Most physicians ordering blood products lack formal training and base decisions on guidance received in medical school when liberal transfusion practices were the norm. Hospitals need a program to teach clinicians the current science of transfusion safety guidelines and transfusion alternatives. Putting a proactive patient blood management program in place will provide safer, more effective treatment options.

Implementing a patient blood management program truly focused on improving patient safety and quality outcomes can be daunting but will yield great benefits. Many hospitals find it hard to get started and even harder to sustain. Implementing an effective blood management program requires a scientific, evidence-based and multi-disciplinary approach.

Use blood more wisely with Mediware Consulting & Analytics

Creating your own patient blood management program takes time – precious time that will continue to cause avoidable harm to your patients. Choose wisely and follow a proven process that leads you safely and efficiently to best practices in transfusion safety, greatly benefiting both your patients and your hospital’s bottom line.

Mediware Consulting & Analytics delivers:

  • Benchmarking & Dashboard Analytics – to identify and prioritize where to focus your efforts
  • Clinical Expertise – to educate your clinical teams on the science
  • Proven Change Management Process – to gain buy-in and shift the attitudes, behavior and culture of the organization toward better blood use in less time
  • Program Resources – to build awareness, maintain project focus and manage day-to-day performance.