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Optimize laboratory testing

Laboratory testing is the single highest volume activity in U.S. healthcare, with nearly 10 billion tests performed annually.

Like blood transfusions, it is estimated that nearly 40% of all inpatient laboratory testing is unnecessary. However, outpatient laboratory testing is underutiilized. The PPACA has made healthcare a matter of national priority with a goal of increasing quality, lowering costs, while improving the patient experience. With this initiative, there is an increasing awareness that errors in laboratory test selection and interpretation can have significant adverse consequences, both clinically and financially, for patients.

Standardize lab test ordering with education and evidence

Mediware Consulting & Analytics can help your hospital reduce inappropriate lab testing just like we’ve helped hundreds of hospitals reduce unnecessary blood transfusions. We offer a Lab Test Management program to monitor and perfect lab test utilization in our changing healthcare environment. Our goal is to minimize patient harm from unnecessary lab testing exposure through evidence-based education and change management. The overarching goal is to perform the right test on the right patient at the right time.

Ensure appropriate use of lab tests for patient-centered care

Implementing a laboratory test optimization program is a perfect extension of your patient blood management efforts to improve quality for the safety of your patients.