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Accelerate Clinical Change

You can speed blood management program implementation and results when you engage our clinical experts, use our tools and follow our proven E4 change management process.

This powerful methodology to Evaluate, Educate, Engage & Empower will help shift the attitudes, behavior and culture of the organization toward better blood use within the first 90 days.


The first step is specifically designed to identify high-yield opportunities for improvement. We show you where to focus your efforts first for the most positive return on your efforts. The evaluation includes the BloodStat® Scorecard which benchmarks your hospital’s blood utilization against a large, national best practices data set and may also include an audit and assessment of your medical records and transfusion policies and procedures.

The benchmarking report provides a baseline snapshot of blood utilization displaying the potential opportunity for improvement in both clinical and financial terms. The comprehensive report provides a summary at the system level and drills down to facility, service line, and blood product type by MS-DRG.


Next we educate your leadership and clinical teams on the most current evidence on patient blood management and effective transfusion strategies and alternatives.

As blood management clinical experts, we stay current on all the blood relevant studies to deliver the most current evidence-based education available in the industry. We share the knowledge in manageable chunks across a variety of delivery platforms:

  • Providing peer-to-peer education onsite at hospitals
  • Collaborating with industry experts to deliver Live Learning webinars on hot blood management topics
  • Delivering streaming videos and recorded sessions via Blood Management University®
  • Hosting intensive 2-day workshops for teams to gain in-depth knowledge and network with other hospital peers


Experienced program managers keep your key program leaders focused on patient blood management and guide them to use all the resources we offer via the Strategic Blood Management™ Portal to effectively engage your hospital staff.

With one-stop access to Blood Management Exchange®, an extensive library of ready-made resources proven to work, your teams can more quickly gain the knowledge needed to embrace best practices and improve patient safety. Instead of wasting time trying to research, develop and acquire such resources, your team can put patients first while building a comprehensive patient blood management program


Your hospital staff will be empowered to successfully implement and sustain your patient blood management initiative with the right combination of education, data and program support we provide. Together we can safely, efficiently and effectively eliminate unnecessary blood transfusions for your patients.