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Benchmark Your Blood Utilization Against Hospitals Across the Country

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Mediware deploys proprietary benchmarking comprised of a national data set from actively managed blood programs so clients can compare their blood utilization, not just to a national average, but to the best patient blood management programs across the country.

Embrace Change with Evidence

Every physician and hospital want to provide the best possible care. Data is used to measure the quality of care. Mediware benchmarks hospital and physician data, and presents clear scientific evidence on best blood utilization practices. Armed with data and evidence, Mediware clinical consultants show how inappropriate transfusion negatively impacts patient outcomes. When physicians see the benchmark data and hear the Mediware patient blood management message, they become engaged and begin changing the transfusion culture and behavior across the organization.

The best organizations continuously improve quality and efficiency through a culture of data-driven decision making and accountability. Mediware’s comprehensive blood management program is an overarching strategy for cultural transformation, which integrates rapid change across the organization and delivers measurable value.