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Achieve Patient Blood Management Success with Evidence-Based Education and Utilization Benchmarks

The Mediware Consulting & Analytics team can guide your hospital to use blood more wisely. Our unique combination of consulting, education and analytics has helped participating hospitals typically reduce blood utilization by 25% to 50%. This could save your health system millions of dollars by reducing unnecessary blood transfusions – while improving patient safety and quality outcomes.

Save Lives. Save Blood. Save Money.

Creating your own patient blood management program takes time – precious time that will continue to cause avoidable harm to your patients. Mediware Consulting & Analytics delivers the Clinical Expertise, Benchmarking and Proven Change Management Process you need to shift the culture of your organization toward better blood use in less time.

Accelerate Clinical Change

You can speed blood management program implementation and results when you engage our clinical experts, use our tools and follow our proven E4 change management process.
This powerful methodology to Evaluate, Educate, Engage & Empower will help shift the attitudes, behavior and culture of the organization toward better blood use within the first 90 days.

Laboratory Test Management

Laboratory testing is the single highest volume activity in U.S. healthcare, with nearly 10 billion tests performed annually.
Like blood transfusions, it is estimated that nearly forty percent of all laboratory testing is unnecessary. The PPACA has made healthcare a matter of national priority with a goal of increasing quality, lowering costs, while improving the patient experience. With this initiative, there is an increasing awareness that errors in laboratory test selection and interpretation can have significant adverse consequences, both clinically and financially, for patients.

Benchmark Blood Utilization

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
Mediware deploys proprietary benchmarking comprised of a national data set from actively managed blood programs so clients can compare their blood utilization, not just to a national average, but to the best patient blood management programs across the country.

Save time and see results sooner with ready-made resources in the Strategic Blood Management™ Portal.

Subscribe to the Strategic Blood Management Portal for powerful benchmarking and analytical tools, relevant education and knowledge management and a dedicated program manager to provide quarterly reviews and guidance.
Every hospital can benefit from the program resources in Strategic Blood Management Portal. Whether you partner with us to achieve rapid results or build your own patient blood management program, the Strategic Blood Management Portal provides the following:

Blood Management University® Faculty