BloodSafe: Right Blood. Right Patient. In 60 seconds or less.

BloodSafe® Solution Suite from Mediware is a combination of hardware and software that enables hospital blood banks to remotely allocate, store and quickly dispense lifesaving blood.

With BloodSafe, you can store and release blood from a secure refrigerator located right inside your high-need areas, such as surgical, trauma or emergency. That means clinicians have easier, more immediate access to blood exactly when and where it’s needed.

  • SECURE: Both staff and patient IDs must be scanned to withdraw any product.
  • FAST: Blood is ready to go in less than 60 seconds.
  • LIFESAVING: Emergency release of blood products is immediate.
  • EFFICIENT: You can deliver inventory on a regular schedule instead of a case-by-case basis.

See how you can implement a complete remote storage plan by downloading the BloodSafe overview.

Remote blood management that’s safe, reliable and fast

BloodSafe is the only remote system that’s fully integrated with HCLL™ Transfusion, our blood bank transfusion system. With HCLL Intelligent Integration, your blood bank maintains full control of BloodSafe’s stored inventory. And every movement and status, including final disposition, is completely traceable. This smart integration dramatically streamlines the workflow for a more efficient operation. Plus, it’s proven to speed turnaround time and reduce waste.

Once inventory is placed in the BloodSafe storage device, authorized personnel simply scan their identification as well as the patient’s, and the appropriate product is cross-matched and dispensed. The whole process takes less than 60 seconds. If any step is performed incorrectly, the machine won’t dispense, so there’s no opportunity for error.

  • Ensure right patient, right blood
  • Improve C/T ratio
  • Cut turnaround time
  • Speed treatment
  • Reduce errors
  • Eliminate waste

High-Volume Control

BloodSafe HaemoBank™ 80

  • Dispenses most appropriate blood unit from 80 individually locked compartments
  • Manages cross-matched, emergency and unallocated blood
  • A virtual blood bank

Low-Volume Control

BloodSafe HaemoBank™ 20

  • Dispenses most appropriate blood unit from 20 individually locked compartments
  • Manages cross-matched, emergency and unallocated blood
  • A virtual blood bank

Ultimate Security Emergency Control

BloodSafe HaemoBank™ 20

  • Limits emergency access to only specified units from 20 individually locked compartments
  • Perfect for emergency rooms, operating rooms, ECMO, and labor and delivery

Basic Emergency Control

BloodSafe Emerge

  • Custom kiosk that controls existing and countertop refrigerators
  • Low-cost solution with complete access control and unit tracking
  • Perfect for lower volume locations