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Gain the expert advice and educational tools you need to optimize blood use at your hospital

Mediware Consulting and Analytics (formerly Strategic Healthcare Group) can help your hospital use blood more wisely with a unique combination of consulting, education and analytic solutions.

Participating hospitals typically reduce blood utilization by 20% to 40% within the first 12-18 months. Your health system will learn how to reduce unnecessary transfusions to minimize patient harm, saving you millions of dollars while also standardizing practice and improving quality of care.

Clinicians as Consultants

The Mediware clinical consulting team is uniquely qualified to help implement safe, efficient and clinically effective healthcare practices. Our clinical faculty includes several experienced physician consultants, nurses, risk managers and former hospital executives, who are all passionate advocates for evidence-based patient blood management programs.


Accelerating Change with Evidence

Mediware’s unique combination of clinical expertise with blood utilization benchmarking and performance dashboards drives the change in behaviors and dispels misinformation that leads to waste. To accelerate integration of our programs, we use a proven change management process to quickly shift the attitudes, behavior and culture of the hospital. We hardwire your program’s long-term success with online tools that incorporate learning management, knowledge management and data analytics.