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Speed Manufacturing without Sacrificing Safety

Now you can automate every step of your lab process from manufacturing to testing to labeling. WellSky Blood Centers (formerly LifeTrak® Lab) helps you effectively meet your customers’ demand for blood products while delivering on the safety they expect.

“One-Step” verification helps you get product out the door faster

Get peace of mind with 100% product-to-bag reconciliation that will ensures all components have been accounted for. Each bag or satellite bag is reconciled with the bag set and any add-on bags that will contain product. This ensures that you can identify all products and any empty bags have been accounted for. Fill out the form to talk to a Mediware blood center specialist to learn how you can utilize the one step verification process.

  • Check for cGMP and other regulatory compliance mandates with built-in controls
  • Automatically calculate manufactured product licensure, either collected internally or imported
  • Only allow accurately labeled products into inventory
  • Determine if products are acceptable at the product and unit level
  • Warehousing
  • Send product information to HCLL™ through electronic files

Finish lab work in less time by integrating with popular test instruments

Support your in-house, third party or high-volume donor testing services with LifeTrak. You can automatically receive data from your test instruments or upload results from other external sources to speed testing and verification.

Sign up for an exclusive demonstration with a Mediware blood center specialist to see the support flexibility and testing control you can get for your In-house and high-volume donor testing services.

  • Upload external test result data in Vertical, Surround & ARC formats with blood center support
  • Interpret results before accepting them
  • Accept test results through secure API
  • Enter data via Mediware’s many instrument interfaces or the instrument test API
  • Support final interpretation & initial/repeat results

Gain efficiency in your high–volume donor testing services

  • Test profiles for multiple clients
  • Users can easily manage and configure clients
  • Ad hoc testing can be added for any profile
  • Map and report tests and results to client specifications
  • Reconcile samples and tests for reporting
  • Unlimited test results in a single electronic file
  • Support testing from multiple locations
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