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Manage Your Donor Information with Greater Clarity

You can aggregate all your key donor information in one place with WellSky Blood Centers (formerly LifeTrak® Donor).

Don’t waste any more time trying to merge data from multiple sources. Instead, you can see a donor’s profile, test results, eligibility status in a single screen.

Impress donors with a cutting-edge registration process

Forget about needles — check-in is often the most painful part of the donation process! LifeTrak makes a visit quick and easy for every donor. Fill out the form to see how LifeTrak makes check-in quick and easy for every donor.

  • Locate people in the system by unique Donor ID, Scan ID, or Driver’s license
  • Equip donors to complete the interview on their own or with staff help
  • Eliminate annoying duplicates with powerful dupe-checking of all new donors
  • Power mobile drives with full registration capability and support for wireless connections

Reduce errors in eligibility

You rest easier because LifeTrak ensures each donor meets the latest eligibility standards. LifeTrak is the only system that does not store donor eligibility at a point in time — it is uniquely calculated on every look-up.

  • Confirm eligibility in real time for multiple procedures
  • Manage deferrals with ease or auto-defer donors based on interview responses
  • Record physical findings for future reference
  • Track multiple deferral levels: “Surveillance,” “Temporary” and “Indefinite”
  • Capture bleed data, equipment, venipuncture codes, donor reactions and more
  • Identify rare donor types such as HLA/RBC capability

Target rare donors

You can quickly identify and search for hard-to-find donors and products

  • Find potential donors based on HLA best matches and RBC specific matches
  • Search for and identify donors meeting criteria
  • Generate rare donor call lists
  • Identify products in processing or inventory

Streamline communication

Find out how LifeTrak makes communicating with your donors a breeze. Your Mediware product specialist can show you all of LifeTrak’s time-saving features – like auto-generated letters that standardize sometimes difficult communications to donors, such as:

  • A positive test result after donating blood
  • Inability to donate based on any deferral type
  • Thank-yous and follow-ups to schedule future donations
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