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Fulfill Orders with Greater Confidence and Superior Service

You can streamline every aspect of packing, outdates, returns, quarantines, discards and tracking of blood products with WellSky Blood Centers (formerly LifeTrak® Distribution).

Gain the ultimate in safety and control

You gain essential visibility of your distribution processes, so you know your center is operating with the safety, speed and diligence you expect. Fill out the form for a brochure to see how safe and speedy processes will benefit your blood center distribution.

  • Configure the system to ensure that only properly labeled products make it to inventory (ABO/Rh, autologous ABO/Rh or auto BIOs)
  • Track and process orders for multiple customer types and locations
  • Receive automated warnings when inventory levels get too low or too high
  • Improve box quality control
  • Allow multiple customer types
  • Track recovered plasma
  • Share product storage devices
  • Enhance your warehousing capabilities

Deliver faster turnaround on orders

Free-up your staff to focus on their core competency of blood collection and processing with LifeTrak distribution. You can make quick work of pricing and billing, re-entry for downtime, and Customer Credit/Debit for products and charges so that you can focus on more important tasks.

  • Provide full order processing
  • Breakdown pricing by standard and tier; and per customer/product/tier
  • Approve shipment by customer type and product
  • Pass order status to other systems

You can also automate your billing to reduce manual processes to enhance your cash flow with LifeTrak.

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