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LifeTrak is now WellSky Blood Center

Control your entire product lifecycle with safe, secure blood center management. WellSky Blood Center (formerly LifeTrak) has pioneered innovative methods to save time on quality verification, integrate with test instruments and automate high-volume donor testing services.

Manage Your Donor Information with Greater Clarity

You can aggregate all your key donor information in one place with LifeTrak® Donor.
Don’t waste any more time trying to merge data from multiple sources. Instead, you can see a donor’s profile, test results, and eligibility status on a single screen.

Speed Manufacturing without Sacrificing Safety

Now you can automate every step of your lab process from manufacturing and testing to labeling – so you can effectively meet your customers’ demand for blood products with LifeTrak® Lab.

Fulfill Orders with Greater Confidence and Superior Service

You can streamline every aspect of packing, outdates, returns, quarantines, discards and tracking of blood products with LifeTrak® Distribution.

Automate your document, training and competency management for better results

Empower your blood center with an easy-to-use, Web-based platform that simplifies and automates the management of training, documents, and competencies. See how you can prepare your team with KnowledgeTrak.™ 

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