Go from storage to transfusion in under 60 seconds

BloodSafe HemoSafe

Make blood available immediately where you need it — from secure, “smart refrigerators” located in or near high-need areas like surgical, trauma or emergency with BloodSafe®. See how you can implement a complete remote storage plan by downloading the BloodSafe infographic!

  • Secure. Both staff and patient IDs must be scanned to withdraw any product.
  • Fast. Blood is ready to go in less than 60 seconds.
  • Life-Saving. Emergency release of blood products is immediate!
  • Efficient. You can deliver inventory on a regular schedule, instead of a case-by-case basis.

Maintain complete control from arrival to final disposition

Interoperability is key to your organization, so we made sure that BloodSafe is fully integrated with HCLL™ Transfusion for seamless communication. Your staff can track all remote storage devices and inventory outside of the four walls of the Blood Bank and still preserve complete control, traceability and visibility of inventory at all times.

  • Improve C/T ratio
  • Decrease turnaround time
  • Free up staff
  • Reduce errors
  • Shrink waste

Find out more about blood delivery that cuts out the middle man

Fill out the form at right to take a brief tour of HCLL and BloodSafe with a Mediware Blood Management Specialist. You can see the features of greatest interest to you, ask questions, and see best practices you can apply to your organization immediately.

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