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Automate Your Document, Training and Competency Management for Better Results

Empower your blood bank with an easy-to-use, web-based platform that simplifies and automates the management of training, documents, and competencies.

See how you can prepare your team for any incoming audit by downloading the KnowledgeTrak™ quick guide.

  • Minimize risk. Deliver your training and SOPs, assess staff competence and document the entire process for your protection.
  • Reduce cost. Eliminate the tedious manual checklists, processes and follow-up steps normally associated with regulatory compliance.
  • Gain visibility. Know exactly who has signed off or reviewed new documents, completed what training and how they scored on assessments.
  • Streamline processes. Free-up your trainers and writers to provide greater focus to those areas and staff who need it.

Simplify document management

You can now improve your document management and change control in an intuitive and collaborative design that will please your writers, subject matter experts and approvers alike with KnowledgeTrak.

  • Change Requests organize collections of documents affected by a change – setting scope, issuing notice of change, facilitating approval and providing a common tracking mechanism
  • Publishing and routing for review and approval is completely automated easily handling access restrictions and even the most complex workflows quickly and simply
  • Contributors see comments and approvals from others in near real-time
  • New versions are deployed simply and viscerally with only a few clicks
  • Automated periodic reviews ensure content is relevant and compliant with the least possible imposition on staff

Deliver the right training to the right people every time

Automatically alert employees and their supervisors of upcoming or overdue training. You can integrate instructor-led and online training sessions in one program.

  • Organize and track requirements by task or theme to simplify management and speed deployment
  • Schedule courses, recurring sessions and annual refreshers in seconds
  • Deliver multiple items in a scheduled training session and record attendees’ completion of each
  • Distribute, train and record materials electronically
  • Store everything in one place – training, pre-reading, forms, evaluations, SOPs
  • Run thousands of courses from hundreds of vendors, including Mediware’s library of nearly 30 K-Book™ regulatory compliance training programs – each of which can be tailored to your institution

KnowledgeTrak is also AICC/SCORM compliant allowing you to create your own content with off-the-shelf tools or purchase from hundreds of vendors.

Track employee progression

When job changes occur, KnowledgeTrak automatically reconciles requirements with past completions, then adjusts schedules and assigns new requirements only as necessary.

  • Integrates with HR systems through Active Directory to automatically detect staff changes
  • Adjusts requirements accordingly, reconciles completions and notifies managers of changes
  • Both written and electronic signatures and records are captured and available in one place to simplify reporting and speed audits

Lock in compliance

KnowledgeTrak integrates with LifeTrak® and HCLL™ Transfusion – so your staff can stay current and access training and documents without having to leave the application they normally use. The compliance interlock capability can keep employees from performing activities if they are not qualified and compliant, reducing your center’s liability risk.

Find out how automating compliance leads to peace of mind

Fill out the form at right to take a brief tour of KnowledgeTrak with a Mediware Compliance Specialist. You can see the features of greatest interest to you, ask questions, and see best practices you can apply to your organization immediately.

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