Switch to Blood Management That’s Quick to Learn, Easy to Use

You can leverage incredibly powerful capabilities your staff will actually use with HCLL™ Transfusion. This sleek, browser-based system is remarkably simple and intuitive. No more multiple clicks and deep dives to find what you need — and all it takes is an internet connection to centralize your entire blood bank operation, even from authorized remote locations.

See how others have succesfully integrated HCLL with their EMR systems

Context-sensitive views take the guesswork out of patient management

See how context sensative views take the guesswork out of patient management. The HCLL quick guide will show you how you can simply highlight a patient, and on-screen data will transform in each pane so you can view and take action on anything related to an individual patient.

  • View orders
  • Check blood availability
  • Verify transfusion history
  • Log specimens
  • Update patient information
  • Quickly access the data to triage phone calls, dispatch electronic orders, gather new specimens

See everything as it’s happening with eye-popping dashboards

Get your key facts with unmatched clarity quickly from your dashboards by downloading the HCLL Dashboard guide.

  • The home page gives you access to all the core features in multiple modules in one view
  • All inventory related functions can be accessed directly from the inventory dashboard for a quick look at your data
  • Each patient-related module pane will provide you with patient-centric data so that you are always viewing information pertinent to your patient without having to refresh or enter patient IDs

Find out how you can make blood management easier and more accessible

Fill out the form at right to take a brief tour of HCLL with a Mediware Blood Management Specialist. You can see how easy it is to use, check out the features of greatest interest to you and ask any questions you have.

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