Manage your blood supply with safety measures and reporting tools your HIS may not offer

As your blood bank faces growing pressure to cut costs and meet stricter use guidelines, your Hospital Information System (HIS) may no longer meet all your needs. That’s why hundreds hospitals rely on Mediware to:


  • Automate over 60 safety checks as information is entered
  • Manage blood supplies in real time to cut inventory costs
  • Monitor blood use by procedure, physician or patient

Epic Integration – Protect your patients with blood management that integrates with Epic

Speed & Safety – Discover the solution to fast, error-free blood delivery

Ease of Use – Switch to a system that’s quick to learn, easy to use

Remote Storage – Go from storage to available blood components within 60 seconds.

Quality & Compliance – Automate your document management and training to enhance compliance and reduce overall cost

Data Analysis – Make better informed decisions based on collected business intelligence