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See why 1,500 hospitals and centers rely on Mediware to enhance blood safety

Whether you manage the blood bank of a hospital, direct a regional blood center, or need to encourage your physicians to use blood more wisely, Mediware has a solution for you. We’re proud to count some of the nation’s most recognized hospitals, blood collection centers, major academic medical centers and the U.S. Military Health System as our customers.

Bring web-based simplicity to receipt, remote storage, and transfusion of blood.

Use blood more wisely with a combination of consulting, education and analytics

Streamline collection, online ordering, compliance management and more.

Orchestrate your product inventory, testing and transfusion performance with a sophisticated interface solution.

Blood Management Services for Hospitals and Blood Centers

More than 1,500 blood banks and blood centers around the world rely on Mediware for technology and and services. Whether you need a blood bank information system; blood center software; document, training, and competency management; or patient blood management tools and services, Mediware has a solution for you.

In fact Mediware’s HCLL was the first FDA 510(k)-cleared blood transfusion software used to help secure the safety of the blood supply in U.S. hospitals. Now that the medical community is extending its scrutiny to the patient blood management standards that govern when blood is used and what quantities are transfused, Mediware can help you with clinical education and benchmarking to enhance your visibility of blood use.

Beyond the hospital, Mediware’s blood donor management software helps blood centers maximize output and control the entire product lifecycle. And at every point in the blood supply chain, Mediware’s KnowledgeTrak™ simplifies and automates the management of training, documents, and competencies. You can also integrate any of our technologies to your hospital system, complementary software or instruments with Mediware’s blood bank data integration solution, Maestro.

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