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Switch to a fully integrated Electronic Medication Administration Record (e-MAR)

It’s just one more way AlphaFlex invests in your success.

Entries captured in the electronic medication administration record will automatically populate on the client’s E-MAR when assigned.
The electronic medication administration record (E-MAR) is fully integrated with the medication and residential module and allows you to create, view, and track all medication administration record details. Click here for Outpatient Services.

Invested in your success

  • No up-front costs
  • No subscription fees
  • No implementation fees
  • Free unlimited user licenses
  • Free on-site training
  • Free claims support

When you get paid, we get paid!

Improve visibility between shifts for effective medication management

After medication is administered and entered, the system will calculate and color code the next medication administration time. Color-coding makes it easier for the next shift to quickly identify and track client usage.

MAR captures the following

  • Administration status (given, refused, etc.)
  • Administered time
  • Administered amount
  • Next dosage due

Medication Administration Note

Fully integrated E-MAR minimizes potential medication errors

The integration of the electronic medication administration record (E-MAR) with the medication and residential module means you’ll have real-time documentation of medication activities that occur during a shift, creating unprecedented visibility and tracking for you the supervisor and the staff.

To ensure compliance and maintain security, your staff must finalize the medication data using a secure PIN.

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