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The Behavioral Health EHR EMR Software for Residential Programs – Invested in Your Success

No start-up costs or licensing fees.

We get paid when you get paid!

We understand the unique challenges of monitoring, managing, and documenting client care in a residential program. AlphaFlex behavioral health EHR EMR software enhances staff collaboration, and ensures continuity of care between shifts.

Behavioral Health EHR EMR Software for residential programs

Tailor-made by mental health experts. Switch today to our all-in-one behavioral health EHR EMR software for residential programs. AlphaFlex is a fully integrated end-to-end system that also includes e-Prescribe.

  • Shift Documentation
  • Shift Scheduling
  • E-MAR
  • Billing
  • Practice Management

Only pay for results

Our pricing structure is different. You simply pay a small percentage of your monthly receipts. You grow your practice, we grow with you. Your cost for a complete mental health, substance use behavioral health EHR could be as little as $800 a month.

Start for free, and get up and running quickly

We invest in your practice with no set-up, license, or training fees. Our average new customer goes live in 90 days and enjoys higher collection rates. That’s why more than 95% of our clients stay with AlphaFlex.

Easily document the necessity of residential care

We know medical necessity standards and guidelines can complicate residential service documentation. AlphaFlex captures all of the required residential “documentation elements” to speed-up admittance and discharge. Data collected supports medical necessity for utilization management and for auditing purposes.

Why wait another day to streamline your operations?

Find out how to optimize the performance with an EHR that integrates shift documentation, shift scheduling, electronic medication administration records, billing, and practice management

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