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Reduce No-Shows and Improve Client Satisfaction with AlphaFlex Scheduling

With AlphaFlex mental health scheduling software your client gets the appointment time they want while you free-up your staff to get more done. Clients who are active participants in their healthcare are more likely to keep their appointments. The Client Portal includes a two-way calendar that enables patients to request or reschedule their appointments.

Invested in your success

  • No up-front costs
  • No subscription fees
  • No implementation fees
  • Free unlimited user licenses
  • Free on-site training
  • Free claims support

When you get paid, we get paid!

Automated appointment reminders increase client compliance

Proactively engaging clients between appointments will reduce no-shows. The system can generate text or e-mail reminders to all your scheduled patients and clinicians; your staff never has to lift a finger.

Clinicians can easily message their clients a “thought for the day” or to promote available educational materials.

Book group sessions easily

Scheduling an individual or group meeting is a breeze with our mental health scheduling software.

Your staff can see their daily appointments, alerts, assigned tasks, client notes, outstanding co-pays and more – all on one screen.


Alerts for all your critical action items

Automated reminders to clients, specific staff members, or your entire team can help keep your staff on task to better support your client’s plan of care.

  • Notify staff to client issues and cancellations
  • Remind clinicians of appointments and deadlines
  • Remind clients of appointments and deadlines
  • Point out important recertification dates

Assign tasks and track compliance

The AlphaFlex scheduler enables you to document your workflow compliance.

  • Designate tasks for your staff to improve productivity
  • Assign tasks to focus clients to improve outcomes
  • Establish intake and new-client-specific tasks to streamline workflow
  • Track and compile client assignments for accurate outcome reporting