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Maximize Revenue with Mental Health Billing Software for Behavioral Health

Maintain complete control over all aspects of your practice with our mental health billing software. AlphaFlex offers you a fully integrated, automated and HIPAA-compliant billing platform. Many practices have achieved collection rates nearing 100%. 

Invested in your success

  • No up-front costs
  • No subscription fees
  • No implementation fees
  • Free unlimited user licenses
  • Free on-site training
  • Free claims support

When you get paid, we get paid!

Submit and approve claims with the click of a button

Reduce data entry time and human error with our integrated mental health billing software. Eliminate paperwork and speed-up claim processing.

In just seconds, you can efficiently prepare large batches of claims.

  • Review authorization requests and statuses
  • Research claims tagged for validation prior to submission
  • Decrease denials and avoid delays in reimbursement

Integrate with your managed care organization for real-time claim validation and fast payment

Easily manage service and insurance templates to track your client’s static daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime limits: Unmanaged units and even pass-through setups.

Real-time validation before you submit means you can be confident that your claims will process quickly.

Simplify Medicaid claim submittal 837 / 835

View all billing data real-time, sent and received. Search claim log files and monitor all your billing activity through the detailed billing report.

ANSI X12 837 file is fully compatible with professional and institutional file formats.

Streamline billing data entry

Entering data into the billing system is fast and easy. Simply enter the service code, date of service, diagnosis, duration and place of service (POS). 

Then enter your electronic signature PIN  and click Save. The billing is complete.