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Mental Health EHR EMR Software

Simplify Service Documentation and Outcome Reporting

Service documentation takes time, and errors can mean costly delays. The need to generate measurable outcome reporting is yet another layer of required documentation. AlphaFlex is an robust mental health EHR EMR software that allows you to easily create documents, store and report outcome measurements.


Invested in your success

  • No up-front costs
  • No subscription fees
  • No implementation fees
  • Free unlimited user licenses
  • Free on-site training
  • Free claims support

When you get paid, we get paid!

Build your own templates to create the notes you need

AlphaFlex mental health EHR EMR software includes custom documentation builder that enables you to design practice-specific, web-based documentation for your staff.

  • Document library houses clinical and human resource records—emergency contacts, etc.
  • Upload clinical documents and easily retrieve them to access client information
  • Preferred assessment forms can be added so they are part of client’s medical history

Manage client goals to direct your plan of care

AlphaFlex mental health EHR EMR houses a data-rich document storage and retrieval system for robust outcome reporting. Client progress is electronically attached to the service note eliminating the need to re-enter the data.
Bolster your outcome measures by including CMS clinical quality measures (CQM) elements in your reporting. Whether you use the PHQ-9, Addiction Severity Index or the Young Mania Rating Scale for screening or diagnosing they can all be added to your library.


Safeguards ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Create service documentation directly from client’s dashboard

Intuitive coding streamlines billing

AlphaFlex facilitates the coding process and helps you avoid errors to maximize your collections.

  • Easily select the proper diagnosis from the drop-down menu for accurate service coding
  • Choose the correct DSM-5 (ICD 10) code from the online list
  • CPT codes are automatically cross-checked against ICD diagnosis to ensure prescribed treatments support documented diagnosis

Intuitive compliance checking reduces costly errors