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AlphaFlex is a completely managed billing solution for providers like you in the mental health, substance use and intellectual/developmental disabilities fields. This easy-to-use software offers flexible solutions for your business needs, simplifies your mental health billing and management, and provides information technology solutions that maximize your revenue.

  • Simplify your documentation. You significantly reduce your data entry time with a cutting-edge EHR that is continually updated with the latest compliance requirements.
  • Streamline your mental health billing. You maximize collections, maintain HIPAA compliance, and can electronically connect with many MCOs and other payers.
  • Gain accurate analytics on your practice. You gain an extensive list of management, financial, and operating reports — along with a design tool to create any type of report you choose.

Our consultants have years of hands-on technical and management experience with both mental health providers and managed care organizations, along with years of Medicaid Waiver experience. This means you will be using a system designed specifically for the business of behavioral health, with all the tools you need to succeed.

AlphaFlex Features

  • Submit and Approve Claims with the Click of a Button – We know your time is valuable. That’s why AlphaFlexCMS enables you to significantly reduce data entry with our electronic billing system that maximizes collections.
  • Real-Time Claims Validation for MCO Billing – Our extensive knowledge of MCO claims allows for real-time claim validation so that you can identify potential denials before even sending the claim. See the status of your claims to MCOs within 24 hours.
  • Bill Easily – Enjoy the ease of our electronic billing system that maximizes collections. Our HIPPA compliant service is electronically set up with MCOs and many other insurances. Re-billing is just as simple; with AlphaFlexCMS you can easily re-bill any denials. Efficiently handle batches of claims in a matter of seconds!
  • Authorization Template Management – We’ve expanded our system to allow for management of service and insurance specific templates, which will handle static daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime limits as well as basic unmanaged units and pass-through setups.
  • 837 and 835 Detail Views – View the file contents of your billing data as you please. Easily sort through raw data files that we send and receive, and search through claim log files on a batch or detail level in order to monitor all your billing activity.
  • NPI to Taxonomy – Our new NPI to Taxonomy module allows you to map all of your specific billing NPIs to your registered taxonomy code.
  • Custom Documentation Builder – Create custom agency notes specifically designed to work for you by utilizing a combination of rich text resources and AlphaFlex data modules. Drag and drop fields to easily design clinically relevant web-based documentation that’s easy for staff to use.
  • Clinical Documentation Storage – Cut costs associated with printing and say goodbye to hard copies forever. Store all your clinical documentation, as well as human resource records. Upload documents directly into your database and access patient information anywhere, any time. Get automatic daily updates on insurance, authorization and claims from MCOs loaded to your database.
  • Discharge Module – AlphaFlex allows client discharges to be submitted electronically with participating MCOs.
  • Measurable Clinical Outcomes – Whether you use the PHQ-9, Addiction Severity Index, the Young Mania Rating Scale or any other outcome measure, we offer a flexible solution to gathering outcome measurements. Create, store and report your data in AlphaFlex.
  • SAR Submission – Submit SARs to eligible MCOs directly. Your staff can send and receive authorization requests, run reports or take a glance at a client chart to see the status of authorization requests.
  • Grievance Module – Our new grievance tracking module follows standards put into place for the MCO world, allowing providers to store, monitor and report on all grievances.
  • Easy to Create Reports – Finally, a system that provides useful reports! Our product offers an extensive list of management, financial and operating reports. Even use our custom reporting feature to create any type of report you choose.
  • Customizable Scheduler – The AlphaFlex scheduler allows an innovative approach and offers customization that fits any type of service being provided.
  • Alerts Maintenance Tool – Our alerts maintenance tool allows you to set up specific alerts aimed to help you manage company, clinical and human resource deadlines. Alert your scheduling staff of client issues, remind them of upcoming license expirations and more.
  • Staff to Client Task Assignments – Assign specific intake tasks to separate staff within an agency. The work may be done by several staff members, but agencies still have a single point of management for the process to ensure tasks are completes correctly. Contact us today to upgrade to AlphaFlex.
  • Executive Dashboard – Monitor dashboard metrics that affect your company’s financial and clinical statistics. These metrics include average days to bill services, denied claims analysis, paid claims rate, total number of consumers served and average number of days to resolve a complaint.
  • Free Training and Implementation – Make the switch today and take advantage of free training and implementation from our expertly trained team of professionals. Enjoy a free and seamless transition from your previous system.
  • Pricing Based on Electronically Collected Funds – With AlphaFlex, what you see is what you get. Pricing is based on successful collections of funds received by the client through the billing process. A “per transaction” fee, as well as any other type of usage fee, does not apply.
  • Professionally Trained Support Staff – Our customer service center is equipped with a professionally trained team of support specialists. We provide ongoing support and are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with 24/7 on-call emergency support.

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