Delivering Quality Products and Services

Mediware Quality Policy

Put quality first by maintaining and continuously improving the quality of our operations, products, and services so as to meet regulatory requirements, product specifications, and customer needs. Through this effort Mediware can provide safe, effective, and reliable technology to assist our customers’ healthcare endeavors.

It’s no surprise that Mediware, a company serving thousands of customers, considers maintaining high customer satisfaction to be a critical component of our ongoing business success. We’ve actively monitored customer satisfaction with our products and services for years and have implemented new features, functionality and programs based on the feedback we receive. In 2011, we extended our customer satisfaction initiatives by introducing a number of new internally focused programs that promote awareness of our results. These programs are designed to reward and give visibility to the individual employees, project teams and departments who directly impact customer success. We realize customer satisfaction is built from the inside out.

In January 2011, we launched the GenuineCARE program to reinforce our core principles of Customer Support, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. GenuineCARE provides a defined platform for our employees to receive ongoing customer service training and individual recognition. On a quarterly basis, employees who have contributed to our customers’ successes, or who best exemplify Mediware’s customer-focused philosophy, are recognized and rewarded for their outstanding efforts.

In July 2011, we expanded this program to also focus on critical customer facing areas of our business. In particular, we rolled out programs to our product development and customer support organizations to emphasize our focus on 100% customer satisfaction through all aspects of our business and our software.

Our implementation and support staff are the faces of Mediware. Through the extension of our GenuineCARE initiative, these teams have a defined plan that puts customer success as their top priority. Called Success First, this program includes enhanced project management training, rigorous customer support processes and focused attention from dedicated account managers. Success First is designed to ensure that, as a Mediware customer, you have the information and training you need to be successful using our software. It also provides multiple communication channels to ensure you get the help you need, when and where you need it.

We also rolled out a defined program with metrics to our product development teams to achieve Zero Defects through software development and testing. As part of this program, Mediware made a significant investment in internal training to establish consistent, reliable and repeatable product development and testing processes with regular quality checks across all of our product lines. This included advanced training on specification definition and testing, as well as new automated tools and additional staff for Quality Assurance.

Maintaining high customer satisfaction is a top priority at Mediware. Through GenuineCARE, and the product and service programs we’ve released, we’re going beyond simply monitoring perceptions to aggressively investing in areas that make it easier for you to be successful.