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Software for Healthcare and Human Services

Advanced technology for safe and efficient person-centered health management

About Us

Mediware is a leading supplier of software for healthcare and human service providers and payers. For more than 30 years, we have been equipping the nation’s blood banks and pharmacies with the most comprehensive solutions on the market. In addition, we have expanded our product lines to include innovative software for acute, non-acute and community-based care.



Web-based and mobile


Tailored to meet customers’ unique workflows


Flexible technology to support organizations
of all sizes


Integration with related technology and secure access to your data for use in other applications


Customer focused

Mediware is committed to ensuring that our software is easy to use and has the features and functionality that customers want. To achieve these goals, we request feedback from our customers every quarter, and we respond to customers’ needs and requests.

  • Product and service investments directed by customer input
  • Direct collaboration with software users at annual conferences
  • Continual improvement in customer satisfaction scores

Partnering with our customers


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