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Smart health care systems know they can rapidly adapt to a highly integrated future with Mediware.

For years, Mediware customers have used our integration solutions to connect fragmented information systems and make more informed decisions. What began as seamless interfaces to other vendor systems, instruments, and robots, has led to integration with multiple health information systems residing across the care continuum. Today, Mediware delivers interoperability to health care providers, systems, insurers and governments across the globe. With Mediware, customers are positioned to seamlessly connect data flow and workflow with:

  • business partners
  • other providers in the health system
  • state health information exchanges
  • multiple electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • insurers and ACOs

Real-time sharing and display of clinical and administrative information between providers, hospitals, and insurers gives our customers actionable information to efficiently and safely diagnose and treat patients. Mediware delivers the precise level of real time connectivity our customers need to coordinate care, share risk, and manage population health in the future.

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