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Mediware Services Customers From Around the Globe

JAC Medicines Management

JAC is the UK’s leading medicine management systems specialist, with the largest installed base of EPMA (e-prescribing and medicines administration) systems in UK hospitals. With over 30 years’ experience within medicines management, JAC provides pharmacy management, EPMA and CMS for chemotherapy, along with associated services and third-party interfaces. JAC’s systems are used in more than half of all NHS trusts in England as well as sites in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Norway and South Africa.

The JAC EPMA solution includes integrated in-patient and out-patient prescribing, discharge prescribing, decision support for providing warnings on allergies, drug-drug interactions and therapeutic duplicates, as well as bed-side medicines administration support and recording.

JAC works closely with hospitals, trusts, health services and other healthcare providers – establishing strong relationships through the sharing of ideas, knowledge and expertise – to help them drive improvements in the delivery of healthcare through effective IT solutions for medicines management.

Learn more by visiting the JAC Website

Mediware Netherlands

Mediware Netherlands’ flagship solution is CMS (Chemotherapy Management System) – a complete software solution to support a fully-fledged “Closed Loop” approach to chemotherapy. CMS provides a web-based solution for prescribing, scheduling and managing chemotherapy treatments. CMS is multi-lingual so it can be deployed anywhere in the world with current implementation in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and the UK.

CMS’s end-to-end design supports preparation scheduling, complex compounding, prescribing of complete therapies including anti-emetics and chemotherapy-related support protocols, and dynamic administration protocols.

CMS is also one of the few systems that can truly support paperless or paper-light aseptic compounding in chemotherapy pharmacies. The CMS system is CE Certified and a Class 1 medical device providing a closed loop system with its integrated production module and is suitable for all hospitals who provide oncology/haematology treatment services.

Learn more by visiting the Mediware Netherlands Website

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