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Our History — a Legacy of Innovation

Mediware was founded in 1970, and in 1980, the founding organization was purchased and incorporated under the name Hemocare, Inc. It was then that the company began developing its specialized blood banking information system known as Hemocare. Ultimately, that system was one of the first of its kind to achieve FDA 510(k) clearance as a medical device for use in securing the safety of the nation’s blood supply.

In July 1996, the company acquired the LifeLine product from Western Star, which, at the time, resulted in the combination of the two most dominant systems in the blood banking space. Through this combination, a new advanced blood management system known as Hemocare LifeLine (HCLL) was born. That system, now known as HCLL™ Transfusion, grew to become the industry’s leading blood management system and remains the market leader today.

Branching out

When the company acquired pharmacy software supplier Digimedics, Inc., in 1990, Mediware changed its name to Mediware Information Systems, Inc., reflecting the company’s newly broadened scope of services. Then, in 1996, Mediware acquired the Pharmakon division of Continental Healthcare Systems, including the JAC Pharmacy Stock Control System division, which is located in the United Kingdom. With these acquisitions, Mediware more than doubled its presence in the pharmacy information systems space and gained entry into the European market.

Following on the heels of that acquisition, Mediware introduced its WORx Drug Therapy Management System in January 1997. The WORx system was uniquely designed to provide seamless integration with other systems rather than rely on conventional data replication methods. Over time, the WORx® Suite expanded to include a complete closed-loop approach to medication management. It has become one of the dominant pharmacy systems on the market and is used by large acute-care hospitals and behavioral health systems. As a best-in-breed solution, the WORx Suite’s functionality and clinical features continue to far outpace other catalog offerings.

Pioneering healthcare informatics

Between 1997 and 2007, Mediware developed and delivered a series of new products focused on improving surgical and operating room processes, perioperative charting, and donor management. Most notably, in November 1999, Mediware announced the purchase of the LifeTrak® blood donor software system developed by Carter BloodCare, Inc. Today, LifeTrak is FDA 510(k) cleared and provides a comprehensive platform for donor, lab, and distribution operations for some of the most recognizable blood centers and hospitals in the industry.

In 2007, Mediware reorganized and also acquired Integrated Marketing Services, a provider of web-based software products targeted at blood and plasma collection centers in North America and Europe. Now known as Mediware’s Blood Center Technologies, these productivity tools offer valuable solutions for donor recruiting, relationship management, and loyalty and retention.

In early 2008, Mediware introduced BiologiCare®, the first system of its kind to track and manage transplantable materials. Also in 2008, Mediware announced the acquisition of Hann’s on Software and the Ascend™ pharmacy management software used in smaller hospitals and in specialty pharmacies. This acquisition, combined with a later acquisition of Healthcare Automation, Inc., led to the creation of Mediware’s Alternate Care Solutions product line. These products build and expand on Mediware’s rich heritage in medication management to serve the home infusion, specialty pharmacy and other alternate care markets.


Expanding its reach to the broader healthcare market, Mediware acquired SciHealth, a clinical and business intelligence software company, in June 2009. InSight, which is already in use by some of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare organizations, provides a single source of truth and data transparency across the healthcare enterprise.

The following year, the company acquired KnowledgeForge and its product, KnowledgeTrak™. With that purchase, Mediware complemented its blood management product lines with an all-in-one solution for training, compliance, quality, and document management in hospitals and blood centers.

In 2012, Mediware expanded its core expertise with three strategic acquisitions. The first, in January, added domain expertise in cellular therapy through the acquisition of Transtem, LLC, a provider of software that manages the collection and transplantation of cord blood and adult stem cells in cellular-based therapies and medical research. This strategic acquisition continues the company’s expansion of its blood management expertise into a rapidly growing field that includes cancer treatment and regenerative medicine.

In March, the company gained product and expertise in chemotherapy drug and treatment management with the acquisition of the Cyto Management System (or CMS) from Cobbler BV in the Netherlands. While the CMS solution is initially only being sold in Europe and the United Kingdom (through the JAC subsidiary), the focus on the unique characteristics of chemotherapy drug management is a natural extension of our combined medication management expertise.

And in August, Mediware acquired Strategic Healthcare Group (SHG), a consultancy focused on establishing blood management programs to improve patient safety through the use of blood based on clinical evidence and best practices. SHG provides consulting, education, and informatics that help customers reduce blood use (and cost) by as much as 30 percent.

Establishing a platform for growth

In November of 2012, Mediware completed a merger agreement with Thoma Bravo, a leading private equity firm with a 30+ year history of providing equity and strategic support to experienced management teams and growing companies. The merger allowed Mediware to return to being a private company focused on pioneering innovation in healthcare technology that improves patient care and creates operational efficiencies that reduce costs.

Near the end of 2012, Mediware acquired MediServe Information Systems, a leader in rehabilitation and respiratory software, extending Mediware’s presence in the healthcare market. Then in 2013, Mediware finalized two key acquisitions — of Fastrack and Definitive Homecare Solutions. These companies were two of the leaders in home care solutions, and their acquisition transformed Mediware into a major player in a key area of post-acute care.

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The following year, Mediware acquired Harmony Information Systems, which serves the long-term care market, and, in 2015, AlphaCM, Inc., which serves the behavioral and mental health market. Harmony’s solutions help federal, state, and local agencies serve consumers with home- and community-based approaches to long-term care while AlphaCM’s solutions help managed care organizations (MCOs) and providers operate more efficiently, manage billing and collections, and provide higher quality care.

Mediware pursued these innovative software products to expand the company’s footprint beyond the post-acute care market, and as health services continue to shift toward coordinated care, Mediware will maintain its strategy of expanding into new markets. For example, in May 2016, Mediware expanded its reach by adding software for housing-related programs, information and referral services, and rescue missions through the acquisition of Bowman Systems, LLC. Bowman Systems’ flagship product is the most widely deployed software for homeless assistance programs in the United States, serving approximately 60 percent of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Continuum of Care (CoC) communities.

Looking ahead to a new era in healthcare technology

Following its acquisition in early 2017 by TPG Capital, Mediware became part of the diverse TPG family, which includes several companies in the healthcare IT sector. Through this partnership, Mediware gained access to expertise and resources and continued to expand into the post-acute care market.

With backing from TPG, Mediware acquired Kinnser Software, Inc., a provider of software solutions for home health and hospice care, in June 2017. By adding Kinnser’s products to its range of solutions for home IV, home medical equipment, and rehabilitation, Mediware diversified its offerings as the leading integrated software provider for alternate care professionals. Kinnser’s products help hospices, home care, and private duty care agencies manage electronic record keeping, revenue cycle management, financial reporting, and quality assurance.

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