Products and Services Driven by You

At Mediware, we know our continued success depends entirely on our ability to satisfy your needs. That’s why reliable support, comprehensive training and meaningful client communications and resources are a cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Across all areas of our business, Mediware employs product and business area experts who know the specialized areas of healthcare we serve. They understand the challenges you face because they’ve been there themselves. And that’s why they’re committed to continuously working with you to enhance our products to make sure you get the features and functionality you need while ensuring your patients stay safe.

Working in partnership with many of our existing customers, Mediware has created and introduced a number of programs designed to make it easier to work with us — and, more importantly, easier to realize the maximum value of your investments in Mediware technologies.


MaintenancePLUS is a revolutionary business practice introduced in direct response to input from our customers. It provides a tool that makes it easier and more convenient for you to plan — and budget — for the services and support you know you’ll need. With MaintenancePLUS, you simply bundle all of the value-added services you want into your annual renewal agreement for a fixed fee. That way you don’t get caught off guard with unexpected expenses down the road. Select from a menu of services including Mediware University training, upgrade support, systems tuning and so much more. Then, when you need support, you know it’ll be there.

Mediware OnDemand

In response to growing demand across our customer base as well as the broader healthcare market, Mediware now offers products in a fully hosted environment using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. For resource-restricted organizations, this helps eliminate barriers to buying, operating and maintaining world-class healthcare software because it minimizes capital outlay and IT infrastructure requirements. Now, you can choose whether to deploy Mediware products as traditional, on-premise systems or use comprehensive, cloud-based delivery. Either way, the same catalog of powerful applications is available.

Mediware University

One of the biggest challenges any organization faces is keeping staff adequately trained and up-to-date. Change is constant, especially when technology is involved. That’s why we established Mediware University — giving you convenient access to an ever-expanding library of e-learning and instructor-led content covering all of Mediware’s products as well as some related content.

Roadmaps and Focus Groups

To offer visibility into our development cycles, each Mediware product group maintains an 18-month roadmap documenting future release and enhancement plans. These roadmaps are reviewed during regularly scheduled focus groups and round table discussions with our customers as well as our annual user meetings. Updated roadmaps can always be found on the Mediware User’s Web site.