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Rely on Our Quality and Customer Care

We know our continued success depends entirely on our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs. That’s why we, with the help of our customers and our teams of subject matter experts, have introduced a number of programs designed to help you maximize the value of your investments in Mediware technologies.


This program was introduced in response to input from our customers and helps you plan and budget for the services and support you know you’ll need. With MaintenancePLUS, you conveniently bundle all of the value-added services you want into your annual renewal agreement for a fixed fee. Select from a menu of services, including Mediware University training, upgrade support, systems tuning, and more.

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Mediware University

Because one of your biggest challenges is keeping staff adequately trained and up-to-date, we offer Mediware University. This online learning center gives you convenient access to an ever-expanding library of e-learning and instructor-led content covering all of Mediware’s products.

Delivering Quality

Because customer satisfaction is a critical component of our ongoing business success, we survey customers quarterly for their feedback and actively monitor satisfaction rates. In addition, to maintain the high levels of quality our customers deserve, we implemented several internal programs to reward employees, project teams, and departments for their contributions to customer success.

Mediware Quality Policy

Put quality first by maintaining and continuously improving the quality of our operations, products, and services so as to meet regulatory requirements, product specifications, and customer needs. Through this effort Mediware can provide safe, effective, and reliable technology to assist our customers’ healthcare endeavors.



This program reinforces our core principles:

  • Customer support
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Each quarter, employees who contribute to customer successes are rewarded for their outstanding efforts.

Success First

This program provides enhanced project management training, rigorous customer support processes, and focused attention from dedicated account managers for all of our customers so that each of you has the information and training you need to successfully use our software.

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Zero Defects

As part of this program, Mediware made a significant investment in internal training to establish consistent, reliable, and repeatable product development and testing processes with regular quality checks across all our product lines. We also provided advanced training on specification definition and testing as well as new automated tools and additional staff for quality assurance.

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