The Measurable Impact of Mediware

Since the implementation of MediLinks®Inpatient, WakeMed Rehab Hospital has been able to:

  • Achieve positive financial results in patient revenue
  • Improve the quality of IRF PAI scores
  • Capture the patient’s true burden of care


The Need For Change

Before using MediLinks, clinicians were documenting IRF PAI scores using paper and electronic systems simultaneously. According to Beth Rudisill Director of Rehab Services, “Despite the annual training and practical guides we provided, our employees typically relied on their professional judgment to determine the patient’s score.” Like most rehab providers, WakeMed did not have the capacity to provide clinicians with the standardized scoring structure they needed to generate IRF PAI scores that reliably reflected the patient’s true burden of care.

A Change Worth Making

WakeMed implemented MediLinks Inpatient in April 2010 and immediately discovered the value the solution has to offer. They quickly noticed an improvement in the accuracy of their IRF PAI scores. MediLinks helped clinicians focus more on the scoring criteria, rather than the score itself. “Even therapists who were tenured and highly skilled were surprised when they first saw the outcomes of their scores in MediLinks. The scores the clinicians were generating with MediLinks gave us an accurate representation of the patient’s true burden of care,” noted Karen Vasquez, PPS Coordinator. WakeMed was also able to gain a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s functional status when they began including nurse techs directly in the scoring process. Today, every patient interaction is captured in the patient’s overall score.

As a result of the changes WakeMed made to their scoring process, accuracy significantly improved and contributed to the overall increase in revenue for the rehab hospital. In fact, WakeMed has experienced a revenue increase of more than $2,500 per Medicare patient. “MediLinks has helped us enhance our ability to capture the patient’s true burden of care, which has been reflected in our IRF PAI scores and patient reimbursement,” stated Rudisill.

MediLinks has proven to be an essential tool that has helped WakeMed improve scoring quality, realize the patient’s true burden of care and provide world-class rehabilitation care.

About WakeMed Rehab Hospital

WakeMed Rehab Hospital (WakeMed) is an 84-bed rehabilitation hospital, the largest and most comprehensive inpatient hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. The rehab programs WakeMed offers include neurological rehab, orthopaedic and joint replacement, outpatient rehab, children’s rehab and home care. WakeMed’s goal is to help people rebuild their health, function and independence.