Rehab Nurse Staffing Software

Optimize nurse staffing levels based on patient daily acuity

Ensuring that each patient receives the appropriate level of rehab nursing care is a balancing act. Improper nurse staffing can lead to nursing-related Sentinel Events that can have a significant negative financial effect on your institution. It can also cause you to spend more on nurse staffing than is necessary. MediLinks RNS used in conjunction with MediLinks IRFPPS calculates nursing demand for each patient, for every shift, based on their individual medical and functional condition. Ensure that your nursing organization delivers the best possible care at the lowest possible cost by using MediLinks RNS.

Automatically calculate shift-by-shift patient daily acuity

  • Determine each patient’s ADL, med/surg and rehab nursing need using FIM® scores and your organization’s nursing standards of practice
  • Calculate proper rehabilitation staffing based on each patient’s current acuity
  • Use Patient Daily Acuity data to improve nursing operations

Minimize the cccurrence of nursing-related sentinel events

  • Reduce the significant costs associated with nursing-related Sentinel Events through proper nurse staffing
  • Justify nurse staffing levels by correlating staffing with the occurrence of nursing-related Sentinel Events
  • Staff properly using Patient Daily Acuity data to determine accurate nursing skill mix (RNs, LPNs and CNAs) for every shift

Manage overall nursing expense

  • Manage and control nursing cost based on individual Patient Daily Acuity
  • Adjust nursing hours as each patient’s functional status changes throughout their stay
  • Inform leadership about staffing trends that help determine the correct long-term mix of nurses that most effectively satisfies nursing demand
  • Reduce or eliminate overtime costs and the need for agency nurses

Increase revenue and lower per-patient cost

  • Measure each patient’s current date progress against their discharge goals to help the care delivery team determine and adjust the discharge plan accordingly
  • Determine patient discharge based on patient progress, not the Medicare Average Length of Stay (ALOS)
  • Increase revenue when beds become available sooner for new patients
  • Reduce per-patient cost and improve profitability