Lock in IRF compliance and maximize revenue with essential tools your HIS doesn’t have

Your Hospital Information System can’t keep up with all the regulatory changes hitting your IRF. Let MediLinks fill in the gap with vital tools that ensure compliance, enhance revenue and boost efficiency.

  • Optimize IRFPAI Scoring.   —  By standardizing the way all your therepaists evaluate patient acuity, you maximize the reimbursement  from every patient.
  • Comply with every regulation.    — Specific tools for pre-admission, 3-Hour-Rule coverage and other requirements limit the need for meetings and manual cross-checking.
  • Collaborate more efficiently.   — Your physicians, therapists and nurses can all work seamlessly on the Plan of Care to reach the best possible patient outcome.

MediLinks protects your facility against denials and audits at every stage from preadmission to discharge. All so you can focus on what you do best: treat patients.

Compliance   – Protect your facility from RAC/MAC audits by locking in best practices

Accurate IRFPAI   – Optimize revenue with scoring technology that reduces the burden on therapists

Efficient Documentation   – Encourage interdisciplinary teamwork, ensure compliance and speed charting

Streamlined Scheduling   – Give your team and the patients a view of the schedule in real-time and ensure you’re meeting 3 Hour Rule requirement

Workflow Management   – Ensure optimal staff levels through patient daily acuity

Preadmission Tools   – Equip physicians to review, approve or deny admission from a smartphone