Find answers to your rehabilitation compliance and revenue issues that an EMR can’t provide

As you face a growing mountain or regulatory requirements, the cost of even the slightest break with compliance can be staggering. That’s why you need solutions designed specifically for rehabilitation. MediLinks offers a best-of-breed solution for your most pressing needs.

  • Compliance. You can always rest assured the workflows and content in MediLinks are up-to-date, so you lock in best practices with every provider.
  • Outcomes. The collaborative design of MediLinks allows physicians, PTs, OTs, SLPs and nurses to all work together in the best interests of the patient.
  • Revenue. From patient acuity scoring to therapy cap tracking, MediLinks gives you innovative tools designed specifically for rehab to maximize the reimbursement from every encounter.
  • Efficiency. Our solutions are all about fewer clicks…less down time…and the freedom to focus your attention where it belongs: on the patient!

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Increase revenue with accurate IRFPAI scoring and streamlined compliance

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Capitalize on powerful tools that simplify G-Codes, Therapy Cap limits and more

Acute Care Rehabilitation

Prioritize orders and streamline workflow in your hectic acute setting