Discover Cutting-Edge Med Management for Small Hospitals and Non-Acute Care

Mediware has worked closely with pharmacists in all realms of healthcare for more than 30 years. We bring that unmatched experience to every installation, so you can focus more on patients and medications and less on paperwork. Every Mediware pharmacy solution provides all the features you need to work smarter at every stage of the med management process.


  • Streamline workflow and productivity with advanced order entry and order management functionality
  • Pass information with most HIS systems
  • Integrate with automated dispensing machines and other dispensing and compounding robotics

Specialty Pharmacy

Optimize all your distribution, delivery and management processes with tools customized for the unique reporting and compliance requirements of SPRx.

Home Infusion

Find out how our scalable home infusion software solution will help you manage prescriptions, delivery, documentation and inventory more efficiently.

Behavioral Health

Ensure patient compliance and free your staff to focus more time on patient care


Move up to powerful medication management designed for community and rural hospitals.

Correctional Facilities

Adapt your med management to the unique needs of a prison population

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Transition med regimens from acute care to IRF and eventually to the home

Blood Centers

Manage the use of blood factor drugs and enhance the safety of your donors


Discover the med management system flexible enough for your facility


See how Mediware’s most robust solution gives your docs MediMAR® efficiency

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