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Bring Cutting-Edge Med Management to Your Smaller Hospital or Facility

Mediware has worked closely with pharmacists in all realms of healthcare for more than 30 years. We bring that unmatched experience to every installation, so you can focus more on patients and medications and less on paperwork. Every Mediware pharmacy solution provides all the features you need to work smarter at every stage of the med management process.

Spend more time on behavioral health, less time on pharmacy management

Your behavioral health patients require more than just medication for a successful outcome — they need personal care from your staff. That’s why Mediware designed Ascend Medication Management. This cutting-edge solution frees your providers from the time-consuming task of pharmacy administration.

Adapt your med management to the unique needs of a prison population

Mediware pharmacy solutions solve the unique problems you face in correctional health, where you must deal with unusually high levels of patient resistance to treatment, concerns and peer interference. Ascend™ Pharmacy from Mediware addresses these challenges and more.

Streamline med management in your IRF or rehab unit

Mediware helps you transition medication management from acute care into your rehab facility and eventually to the home.

CareTend: The System Designed Specifically for Specialty Pharmacy

Retail pharmacy systems were never designed for specialty pharmacy requirements. That’s why we developed CareTend, a software suite that caters to the needs of the specialty pharmacy, oncology pharmacy, and clinical pharmacy markets. With our system, you can access limited-distribution drugs and deliver superior service to manufacturers, payers, wholesalers, health plans, and patients alike.

CareTend: Streamlining Home Infusion Management Like No Other

Because the home infusion industry is changing, Mediware has responded with CareTend, a forward-thinking .Net solution designed to meet your needs now and into the future. CareTend, which includes the best features of our popular CPR+ system, offers a scalable platform with the capacity to manage home infusion businesses from startup to enterprise volume. Whatever your model, CareTend adapts to your unique requirements and gives you the time to focus on patient care.

Streamline medication management throughout your hospital

Mediware pharmacy solutions are designed for any hospital environment, even yours. They’re scalable to serve your entire enterprise and satellite facilities – giving you a template view of your organization. And they integrate with virtually any major HIS system, linking you more closely with the rest of the care team.

Streamline medication management in your blood center

Because blood centers do more than collect blood, you need software that can help you manage the inventory and application of complex blood factor drugs and meet the medication safety needs of your donors. Ascend™ Pharmacy from Mediware provides this and more.

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